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NekoPan Theme Song from Kura!

Kirky wrote our theme song! *applause for Kirky!!!!!!*

We are looking for lyrics though. So, if anybody feels like taking it up, I'm willing to make it worth your while!! A grand secretive little prize for who evers lyrics we like best!

Not entirely sure what it'll be yet. But I'll make sure it's lovely. :)

You can find the lyrics in the forums on www.nekopanbakery.com.

We're looking for something cupcakey...As it is...you know....for a cute bakery. You'll understand what we're after when you listen to it, and if you've ever seen a shoujo anime ever. :3

Anyone lyrically blessed, go for it!!!


And so, The Hobbitses begin.

I've made a new side journal for more serious things, and country/woodsy love.

If you care, friend. If you don't, then please don't. :)

you can find it here.



Some thoughts.

This is going to be a long one. Apologies in advance.

Anyone who knows me well knows that, all throughout my life, I've been in a battle between two things I want most.

One moment, I want to give away all of my possessions and move into the woods to start a simpler life. I want to get in touch with nature, I want to think, and to appreciate things more.

The next moment, I want to go to Tokyo, or some other big city. To the nightlife! To the flashing neon colours, into the thick of it all. A city that never sleeps, surrounded by people and cutting edge technology.

Today, I'm falling in the former category.

I would happily trade all of my things, for something that would really count when and if it all came down to it.

Think about it:: If civilization ends tomorrow, what would you do? Would you even know what to do? What would you take from your little home? How would you start your new life, when there is nothing around you? Your money counts for nothing, and it's every man for himself?

Admittedly, that's a pretty fatalistic way of looking at it. The reason that I want to run away from it all isn't to 'survive when the world ends'. I don't think that the world is going to end at any moment. I simply want to prove to myself that I can be self-reliant.

I don't need the Nintendo. I don't need the electronics. I don't need my crafts and my nonsense. I just don't. They count for nothing in the grand scheme of things, and on days like this, looking at all the crap that surrounds me just makes me feel ill. Can I, this silly woman from the North-West, actually work and help provide for my family?

I can work, and I can earn money. I like to work, and earning a paycheck is nice! We can have luxuries and spend time at home relaxing. But earning a paycheck, just isn't what I crave. I crave hard work, I want my back to hurt and my arms and legs to be sore for days. I want to be dizzy from the heat. I need it. That pain proves that I'm doing my part. As I sit here and grow older with nothing to show for it, I just feel foolish.

We didn't make any part of this apartment. There is no emotion or history here. This is just another row house in the midst of other row houses. We have no connection with it-- it's just a place to hold all of our shit.

Don't get me wrong, we live a wonderful life. My husband works SO hard for us, and I appreciate him and all that he does so that we can have this roof over our head.

I just am really anxious to get out there and do it ourselves, you know?

Living this modern life, I feel that I'm not living to my fullest potential. I need to prove to myself that I can do something bigger than this. I want to look at the nails in the wall and feel accomplished that I helped to put it together. I want to look out at my garden that is helping to feed us and feel good that I am contributing.

I want history. I want culture. I want to get in touch with how things were. I want to appreciate the little things in nature. I want to work hard.

I think I will open a new little side journal for this side of me-- I'm sure that most who actually read my journal don't really care about my philosophical musings, and it would be a way to keep track of what I'm doing, so I can look back and see that I have been working. Prove to myself that I have been learning. :)

On that note, I'm off to it.


Old Fart

In the dark ages, how would jenri die?

You would die of natural causes, at the ripe old age of 30.
'How would you die in the dark ages?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Lazy lazy day....


I got up at 10 today......I guess I was tired from re-arranging the apartment yesterday...

We went to Ikea and spent most of my first paycheck. We got a bed, a matching night stand, a lamp, and a big bookcase. :) so now we have tons more storage, it's really exciting. I was planning on working on putting stuff away today, but I got distracted so far, and am now thinking about lunch and fabric. :3

Dui is supposed to be sending me pictures of the Emeraude she wants me to do for this coming Kumoricon, and Maura and Arika have helped me with my Victorian Lolita design, and I want to get some fabric for bags.

I finally got paid for the birthday cupcakes I did a while ago!! The lady gave me 40 bucks and said that I was going to do all of her kids' birthdays now. :D She said everybody loved them and was asking for more more more. :3 That makes me super happy.

So, that's 100 bucks now towards our second booth!!!!

I haven't registered for it all yet, because the new lady who is in charge of the exhibitors hall hasn't gotten back to me... (Our friend Eric isn't doing it this year, he's the treasurer instead) So, that gives us a little more time to save save save. :)

I have to find the power cable for our digital camera before I can do the update to the Menus page...Or I might just do it in photoshop for the heck of it, just to have it done.

Aaaand, I found the song that I will Kareoke this year. I didn't do my Anna song from last year, so I still HAVE to do that one this year. HAVE to. But in addition, I'm planning to do Linda Linda. I wish I could do it for the competition, because I know it would be super easy to learn, and I'd love to rope Bryce into playing the guitar for it.

They are covering 'The Blue Hearts', a punk band from Japan (basically their version of The Clash), the song is Linda Linda, and it looks like it'd be so much fun to sing. :) There is a movie that the cover band (Paranmaum) is from called 'Linda Linda Linda'. The singer is a Korean Exchange Student and they had her fill in last minute so that they could play at a school festival. The one from the movie itself is much better in my opinion, but if you don't know the story that leads up to it, maybe it isn't. *shrug* So, there's the polished one instead.

I have the debut CD of The Blue Hearts, and it's awesome. Owaranai Uta is really awesome too.

Off to buy fabric, I think. :)




Gearing up for Grand Thing

Gah, I know it's Tourney.....

And I know I will die in my hitoe-- even if I just do the two summer layers (like on the Kyoto Costume Museum)...

But I really want to go as my persona. I'll just have to get the biggest fan I can handle. :3

I went over to my pallie Gemmas' house the other day and showed her my half suitcase of robes from the juni-hitoe that I'm working on.

Tomorrow is a low key stitch day for Deanne and Lucy and I. We're going to try and get things in order then. I'm still missing two layers of my 'Shades of Golden Yellow', two very important layers, the the ones that are the shades of golden yellow! >_<

Lots of love~~


Up late up late up late.

Hey guys....

Stayed up under the guise of putting the boys' laundry in the dryer....only to realize that I was restless and couldn't sleep.

So, I'm doing homework again. I don't know why I'm going so crazy with it, I've only got 3 classes this quarter, so I should be kicking back and enjoying...instead I can't sleep because I keep thinking I'm forgetting something. Oh yes. The bills are what I'm forgetting.

It's hard to pay bills with little money though.

Soon though, I'll be finished with school and be able to get a job, regardless of if it's in the industry or not. I'm dedicated, so hopefully I can get in somewhere.

A new girl popped in on the NekoPan forums-- I remembered her from the Con. She stopped by the last day and bought 30 cupcakes. She was really sweet and wrote me an e'mail telling me how much she liked them. It made me warm and fuzzy inside. ^__^

I don't know what I'm going to do with that this year-- I don't want to commit to coming again, because Lord knows where I'll be at that point. However. I adore the booth that krktheartist made, and have been talking new flavours with my lovely vallohavok. I think that if we went back this next year that it would be phenomenal, and we would do a lot better, having learned what we did last year. Boy, did we learn things!

I've already committed to doing that wedding cake this summer, alongside Teepa, and it's going to be awesome...Other than that, who knows. I guess I'm open to it. Either way, she got me thinking.

I made the gorgeous wailaki_amazon a pretty cool little bag for Christmas (if I do say so myself) and thought that it would be fun to make one for Kirky and Tee, for sure. I didn't decorate Dees, because I want her to be able to do it herself, but I've been meaning to make prezzies for the two of them for ages....and perhaps this will be what I will do. I love the little comics that Kirky did for a while, so I think I'm going to print those out on the iron-on papers, and do some sort of applique with ribbon and vinyl.

We'll see. Just something that came to me while I wasn't sleeping. O_o

EDIT:: Here's a mockup.

Peace, mah bitches.


New Years

This year, I'm not going to buy any new clothing. In fact, I'm going to buy as little new as possible, but I figured that the best thing to start with would be clothing.

I think that I will start a new blog on my website for this project after the first of the year, as I start it.

I'll keep you all in touch on this journal still, if anybody is interested.

Happy New Years, everybody. Hope you're all going to do something fun.

Best wishes during the year of the Rat, from a fellow Rat!


From Kristin.

My new favourite thing.

I luff you Kirky.

Super Sprode

Bath Salts for sale by NekoPan~!

We've got Tea & Cream, Lemon Meringue, Happiness of my Kata-Kirky, Lavender, Ylang Ylang.

I'm gonna go and take a bath soon and enjoy one of them. ^__^ There will be fizzies and bath bombs soon, but I'm awaiting a certain ingredient.

Please buy one! :3 They're pretty cheap compared to what you pay elsewhere.